IT Training

In coordination with leading IT specialists and lecturers, we organized Advanced  IT training courses for individual and organizations who want to improve IT skills for their staff

Our training program covers:
• Office software application training at Advanced level: Other training centers tend to organize basic training courses for individual and organizations while there are many individuals and organizations who want to advance their IT skills with IT specialists. On such background, we have successfully held several advanced training courses, helping to contribute to the growth of individual and increasing organizational competitiveness in the IT driven market like today.
• Open Source  software training:  Some companies do not have budget to purchase license to use software, some turn to the option of using “cracked” software which is obviously not safe to use and could lead to prosecution.  Opting for Open Source software is not easy for organizations for two reasons:
- Subjective reason: Their staff are too familiar with the popular paid software, how to train them to effectively use open source?
- Objective reason: Organization has  used paid software for a long time,  the problem is how to convert data files, applications files within the organization?
Organization then needs  a consulting firm who could provide consultation on the roadmap, training program to gradually change to Open Source. Understand customer’s concern, we work with each client, study their business and the need of each user, provide the equivalent open source software and training guide, thus enabling their staff to use new software in their work, saving customer money and improving IT system security.
IT Training, Information and Communication Technology Course